Bill Clinton: Obama to blame for priest’s verbal attack on Hillary

Former president Bill Clinton charged that Senator Barack Obama “gets other people” to “slime” his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton – including pastors who speak at Trinity United Church. Trinity United is Barack Obama’s former church; he left the church after guest preacher Rev. Michael Pfleger made several offensive comments about Hillary Clinton.

Clinton was originally responding to a reporter concerning an article in Vanity Fair magazine which made several negative remarks about Bill Clinton’s behavior since he’s left office.

As he spoke, CLinton apparently went into an angry rant, during which he called the article’s writer “sleazy,” “dishonest,” “slimy” and a “scumbag.” Clinton then complained about the press and Obama:

It’s just slimy. It’s part of the national media’s attempt to nail Hillary for Obama. It’s the most biased press coverage in history. It’s another way of helping Obama. They had all these people standing up in this church cheering, calling Hillary a white racist, and he didn’t do anything about it. The first day he said ‘Ah, ah, ah well.’ Because that’s what they do– he gets other people to slime her. So then they saw the movie they thought this is a great ad for John McCain– maybe I better quit the church. It’s all politics. It’s all about the bias of the media for Obama. Don’t think anything about it.

Clinton’s remark feeds into the speculation that some Clinton backers have been trying to drive a wedge between women and Obama.

Obama’s response to Phleger’s comments was to say “as I have traveled this country, I’ve been impressed not by what divides us, but by all that that unites us. That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger’s divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn’t reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause.”

And while I’m on this subject, let me to vent a little about comments from some in the the media that Obama didn’t do enough to “apologize” for Rev Phleger’s remarks about Hillary Clinton.

Uh… what? Why should Obama have to apologize for something he didn’t say?

Now look. If Phleger was Obama’s spokesman, or part of the Obama staff, or even on Obama’s campaign payroll, then yeah – Obama would have had to apologize in that case. But that is NOT the case.

Obama is not responsible for what Phleger said, and as such, should not be held accountable for his comments, and as such, should not have to apologize.

The idea from Clinton that Phleger was doing Obama’s bidding is not merely unsubstantiated, it’s ridiculous. Obama needs Clinton’s support to win the election in November, and he’s said as much. It would be insane for Obama to have Phleger or anyone make such divisive comments. But perhaps in Bill’s fit of anger, common sense was eluding him.

It’s no wonder that Obama finally decided to leave Trinity United. Had he stayed, he would constantly get blamed for anything and everything that was said said there, a situation that is unfair to both Obama and the church. This will not be an end to Obama’s “pastor problems” on the campaign trail, but it should help.

3 thoughts on “Bill Clinton: Obama to blame for priest’s verbal attack on Hillary

  1. The media started putting video tape of Michelle using her own words out there and Obama went very public they were not allowed to do that, despite the sign in his campaign HQ that states “Policy is whatever Michelle says it is”.

    Bill Clinton has a right to defend his wife against the Obama generated slams. Obama loves to play innocent, nothing is ever his fault, and those close personal friends for 20 years become casual acquaintences when he doesn’t want to apologize to the Clintons for the crap that comes out of the mouths of his associates. Axelrod plays the game the same way. No apology, just “let’s move on”.

    McCain gave a much more gracious and supportive statement on behalf of Hillary than Obama did, and it sure wasn’t McCain’s church or close friends who said what Pfleger said. You all know that Obama gave some pretty nice earmarks to Father Pfleger. Yes, earmarks, those things that Obama is so opposed to and the indebted aspect of giving back to people who have personally assisted you up the ladder to a point where you can give earmarks! Can we say “hypocrit”?

  2. Rojo7449 Says: “Bill Clinton has a right to defend his wife against the Obama generated slams”

    Sure he has a right to defend his wife. But he doesn’t have the right to lie about who generated the slams.

    What proof is there that Obama told Phleger to make those comments? Answer: NONE. ABSOLUTELY NONE. If you have proof, bring it. Otherwise, it’s a lie as far as I’m concerned.

    Here is something we KNOW is true: Obama, Clinton, and McCain ALL have friends or supporters who’ve said repulsive or objectionable about the other presidential candidates. That does NOT make any of the candidates responsible or accountable for those repulsive or objectionable comments. If that were true, Clinton would be apologizing for racist comments from Clinton supporters 24/7.

    To make it clear, I am NOT defending Phleger’s comments, just making the point that Obama should be held responsible for, and should only apologize for, comments he makes, or his campaign staff makes, or people on his payroll makes. He simply CANNOT be held responsible for everything some fool says. And that should be true for every candidate.

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