Quick Thoughts on CNN’s “Black in America,” Part 1

Some quick thoughts on Black in America, Part 1. This is the first of a two part series from CNN on the current state of African Americans.

The show was been interesting, and I admire that it’s well researched and free of stereotypes.

But for me… I don’t feel like I learned anything I didn’t already know.

The show talked about the growing black middle class… the large number of single-mother headed families… black health care disparities… etc… etc…

For blacks folks who are well informed, or just have eyes to see what’s happening around them, this show doesn’t break any new ground. It seems like the scope of the piece was so comprehensive that it wasn’t able to go into extraordinary depth about any of particular issue. That may have been more useful.

The only real “eye-opener” in the show for me was where it discussed the high rate of HIV in the black community, especially among black women. They could easily have devoted an entire show to that subject.

Of course, the show wasn’t meant just for me or black folks. Maybe it’s an eye-opener for the white community. Maybe.

Still, I do look forward to Part 2 on Black men. Perhaps that is where the fireworks will start.

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