Nutcracker Suite

“(Barack Obama is) talking down to black people… I want to cut his nuts off.”
– Jesse Jackson, caught unaware by an open mic on Fox News, this month.

“Well, you know what, then I truly believe that that is going to take an individual that has testicular fortitude, that’s exactly right, that’s what we got to have.”
– Paul Gibson, president of the Sheet Metal Workers’ Union, talking about why he supports Hillary Clinton for president, in April.

“With 90+ percent of black Americans voting Democrat regardless of who the candidate is, it will be bad enough as it is. But I, for one, expect you, black conservative Republican men to have enough balls to stand on principle, not on your emotions. You’ve shown your testicular fortitude by being publicly conservative against a tide of Identity Politics. Don’t start behaving like castrati now.”
– Black conservative blogger Juliette Akinyi Ochieng, challenging the manhood of black conservative males who are thinking of voting for Barack Obama, in June.

“Girl please, you couldn’t even carry my bra.”
– Detroit Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick, at a Democratic candidate’s debate, responding to primary opponent Mary Waters’ comment about procuring federal funds for their district, this month.

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