Obama as an Icon to Our Youth

People often ask, what does an Obama presidency mean for African Americans?

Black America is but one of many American constituencies that would compete for the attention of an Obama administration. It remains to be seen how African American interests, and those of other constituencies, would be addressed.

But there’s NO doubt about this: even now, Obama is a role model AND a beacon of hope for black youth.

Obama shows black children: if you are willing to work hard, commit to being studious, are not afraid of “sounding white,” and have courage, you too have a chance of being president.

Instead of looking to black athletes, comedians, and actors for career inspiration, now there is Barack Obama.

If the Obama campaign or an Obama presidency causes just 1 out of 1000 black youth to think differently about their future, that would be a great blessing for our children. 

3 thoughts on “Obama as an Icon to Our Youth

  1. The above would be an important fringe benefit of Obama being elected President. I applaud the notion. I have contributed significantly to his campaign and have served quite a few hours as a volunteer. Personally, I do not give a rat’s ass if an Afro-American never becomes President. I have supported Obama because I think that he would make a great President. The fact that I think McCain would be a disaster, makes me feel even more strongly.

  2. Agreed. People shouldn’t vote for Obama because they feel he is an icon.

    But his being an inspiration is a nice fringe benefit. Many youth are inspired by figures like Washington and Lincoln, but black kids may not “see themselves” in these figures… in part because they feel the presidency is something that is possible for “other” parts of the population, but impossible for them.

    An Obama presidency opens up the possibilities.

  3. Yes, his presidency will be an inspiration to black youth, but his presidency will also be an inspiration to all of the youth of America. Young people would know for themselves, by example, if a black man can become president then there is a better possibility that on day the executive office door will be open for Hispanic, Asian, American Indian males and females of all races. Now, that is truly a position they can aspire to and obtain.

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