Factoid: Black Male Incarceration Rate is 6 Times Greater Than Rate for White Males

Statistics from the Department of Justice indicate that black males are incarcerated – held in prison or jail – at a rate that is over 6 times higher than that for white males.

For every 100,000 black males, an estimated 4,777 are held in federal or state prison or a local jail.

By contrast, for every 100,000 white men, only 727 are estimated to be incarcerated.

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prison Inmates at Midyear 2008 – Statistical Tables, March 2009 (Revised 4/8/09), Table 18

The Bureau of Justice Statistics report that’s cited above can be obtained here. If you want to go straight to the PDF version of the report, it’s here.

One result of this high incarceration rate is that the percentage of blacks among all males in prison or jail far exceeds the percentage of blacks in the general population:
Source: Calculated from Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prison Inmates at Midyear 2008 – Statistical Tables, March 2009 (Revised 4/8/09); Population stats from US Census Bureau

What explains these numbers? It’s a combination of things: African Americans commit more crimes; they commit more crimes that are likely to result in jail time (as a result of sentencing guidelines that, for example, result in more jail time for crack cocaine than cocaine powder); they are less able to afford high quality legal services; and they may be subject to discrimination in prosecution, the rendering of verdicts, and sentencing.

I will try to look at these issues in future posts.

79 thoughts on “Factoid: Black Male Incarceration Rate is 6 Times Greater Than Rate for White Males

    • Yeah, that’s what it is. You’re an idiot. Oh, the poor black man. Blah, blah, blah. It’s getting old. Now I’m going to apply for a scholarship from the United Negro College Fund… Oh wait, I don’t qualify because I’m not black!!!!!! Let me apply for the United White College Fund. Oh wait, there isn’t one because that would be RACIST!!!

      • Jeff, I agree on both points. Blacks are unfairly incarcerated by the government and blacks get unfair advantages via the government. The common problem here is the government…

      • Jeff you are very ignorant. It has been old for for Black and Latin people in this country trying to obtain and keep ther civil rights, rights. By the way, this is something that you obviously have taken for granted since you can so glibbly dismiss the glaring statistics and sociological evidence that proves the points made. The system is and has been rigged, and effective policy change is in order. Hopefully you can apply to a school somewhere because you’re in dire need of an education, and a reality check. Until then, I have a suggestion, try going to a Public Library. It might help, though I sincerely doubt it. That’s the problem with people who don’t study history and patterns, they are doomed to repeat them. Such glaring inequity in our society can lead to the destruction of our society. But hey, I guess that doesn’t matter much to you. It’s easier for you to make excuses and ignore the problem rather than trying to be a part of the solution. You best face it, unless you are very, very, wealthy….you could very well be next.

      • Jeff you are right. I’m a black male and even I will admit that we the black race are trying to find someone to blame instead of changing our ways. Let’s be honest. Where in the United States is there an all black neighborhood that is not filled with crime? Most of my friends in jail are proud to be in jail so they can build their “street credibility” white peoples music is usually about love, happiness, art.. Ours is usually about killing, making money, getting “bitches”… Thank god I got out of the hood and got a college education because my parents stayed with me unlike most of my friends parents.. And seriously let’s stop bringing up slavery, our own kings are the ones who sold out slaved ancestors to the white man

    • Sebastien is looking for excuses regarding the out of control element of our society that refuses to integrate into the majority. Even now when young black men enjoy a prejudicial advantage in gaining entrance to jobs and schools they still choose to commit crimes that land them in prison. Taking the quick route to money will always end with consequences. There is no attempt to exterminate anyone in this country. Nice try but this isn’t Germany in the 1930’s. Anyone that breaks the law and is caught, is likely to be incarcerated. Regardless of age, race or religion. Blaming the government for your mistakes is immature and results in nothing but the same childish behaviors. I know many black men that take pride in being incarcerated. Explain that.

      • Thanks to the father of slavery, Willam Lynch. How bout we look up who he is and what the “Lynch Syndrome” is before we make any emotional comments …

      • I think you need to read up on what you’re referencing. Your just making yourself look ignorant.

      • I’m sorry to say but we as Black People in America do not receive any advantages, The facts are you are made to believe this to keep us separated and at each others throats to keep our minds off of what is really happening,.. The Government is fucking us all and laughing all the way to the bank. All I’ve ever really wanted was to be treated as a real American and not some second rate imposition. I’m an Ordained Minister and see only death or imprisonment for the Black Male in America. You see the rappers with all the money that you can count on your fingers, walk around the corner and see the masses that live in despair. There are very few jobs for us that will support our family, the only difference is we understand what is happening and compensate. You don’t understand and look for someone to blame. As far as the good jobs, get up in the morning and look who are walking into the building where the good jobs are or better yet, look and see who is going to work in the mornings…. As for us commenting crimes, you rob banks and get away with it, we sell some pot and get ten years. We are being incarcerated 6 black males to on white for the same crimes, that’s out of every 100,000 black people 4,763 are incarcerated where as only 734 whites per 100,000. Look it up on your internet.

    • First and for most peace to all….now Jeff I personally want to send u a special **** u. I myself am black and to be honest I feel as if us blacks are being mistreated….for example. A fifteen year old boy frm Newport News was convicted of robbery and use of a firearm. He was certified Ass an adult sent to the penitentiary at 15yo wit 10years to do. He cme home wit felonies on his record put his all into getting a job.but ain’t nothin working. See lock us as blacks up young….so We can be foreva controlled by da system….even whn We are free We are incarcerated….how I knw???? Well da 15year old boy is me….so dnt tell me bout wats fair and wats not till u where this African American complexion. And yes our blacks deserve it all…..why not???? We always been at da bottom…..so on dat note **** u Jeff…and whoeva agree dat blacks and whites are being treated equally. HIGH SALUTE TO MY SISTERS & BROTHERS

      • Please take the time to learn to spell, education will help you change your lot in life,using “DIS” ” N” “DAT” shows your ignorance.unless You think it makes you sound cool gangsta thug. but that will get you only more of the same I live in the same “system” and “Laws” that you do only I obey the laws( not perfectly) because I want to be free You don’t see Asian people raping robbing stealing and murdering six times greater then white men like the poor victim black man! I believe only real change will come when each and every black takes personal responsability for there age old problems, and I would love to see this change happen I wish you well

      • Harold, the child was fifteen when he was imprisoned, and obviously didn’t receive an education. However, that does not invalidate his experience. Seventy percent of juveniles are Black and Latin. Fifty-eight percent of Black juveniles incarcerated are sent to adult prisons. Unless you have walked on water all of your life this should concern you. Especially since according to the Bureau Of Justice, one in every three Black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime. The prison incarceration rate grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005. The incarceration rates disportionately affect people of color. 1 in every 15 are Black, 1 in 36 are Latin, and 1 in every 106 are White. The prison industrial complex is the new “plantation”, and if you don’t think so, study history and compare the convict-lease system that was created to compensate for the labor lost due to the emancipation. We actually have more Blacks in prison than were enslaved in 1850. Sociological studies and statistics have proved that Whites commit more crimes than all other minorities combined, yet they are the minority in prison, even though they are the majority of the U.S. population. Seriously, injustice to one is injustice to all. I take personal responsibility and am not a part of the criminal justice system. However, that does not blind me to the inequity that exists in the system and how it affects our nation as a whole, and in particular the Black and Latin communities. Instead of tearing each other down, how about working together to resolve the serious issues that face us and finding solutions. We don’t have any more sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters,brothers, aunts, uncles, and people that we can afford to right off and blame for a deck that has been stacked against them. The prison industrial complex is about making money and their product is inmates. They need to generate more inmates to stay viable. when they finish with minority communities, they will pray on anyone that cannot afford effective representation. That would be about 98 percent of our nation, so this is a problem that should concern everyone. I would love to see this change happen, but it won’t if we don’t effectively get involved and work to bring about real and effective policy change. People….PLEASE WAKE UP! We have to. God bless.

      • Sorry about the typos. “right off” was meant to be “write off” and “pray on anyone” should have been “prey on anyone”

    • A beyond ridiculous assertion. I’ll just give you one glaring example to demonstrate how preposterous your statement is. Do you think a black man would’ve ever become President of the United States if there was a ‘strategic attempt’ as you so laughingly put it, to drive a ‘particular race to extinction’. Time to put away your cross and stop whipping yourself.

  1. Sabastien Jean, you could not have stated it better. Notice how the moderator say ” Blacks “”may be”” subject to discrimination in prosecution, the rendering of verdicts, and sentencing”. Does not take a rocket scientist to see what is happening everyday to the Black family. It is called ” Black American Genocide”.

    • “Black American Genocide”? How dramatic! Yeah, it does take place. But it’s being committed by young black men that refuse to care for their own children. That refuse to care for their elderly parents. That trash their own neighborhoods with gang violence. That destroy their own lives with substance abuse and alcohol abuse. Yes the genocide exists, but it’s carried out by the black man against himself.

      • Thanks to the father of slavery, Willam Lynch. How bout we look up who he is and what the “Lynch Syndrome” is before we make any emotional comments …

      • LauA,

    • Thank you..this may be old and all but im just now reading this. I was wondering who else saw the deception used in this article. But it would have been wrong is it was stated that ” maybe blacks commit more crimes and etc”. With honestly the whole country is a blame.

  2. I take issue with your analysis of these numbers by saying that “African Americans commit more crimes; they commit more crimes that are likely to result in jail.” Empirically this is just not accurate. For example using the DOJ’s website http://www2.fbi.gov/ucr/cius200/data/table_43.html on all arrests in 2009 that documented the race of those arrested we see that in almost every category, with the exception of a few types of crimes, whites were arrested in greater numbers than African Americans. The breakdown of crimes listed by race is exhaustive, and it also covers juvenile crimes by race as well.

    While it is the case that in some categories the racial proportions are higher for African Americans (the total of African Americans arrested for divided by the total African American population in U.S.) than it is for whites (total of Whites arrested divided by total white population in US), this should be expected especially since the white population is 5 times greater than the African American population in the United States (66 vs. 13% respectively). This however is another discussion.

    All this being said, I believe another explanation is in order for these staggering statistics, one that is not as cut and dry as we are fed to believe. Race, class and gender (among many other factors) all play intricate intersecting roles in understanding incarceration disparities in the United States.

    • PW,

      To be exact, African Americans commit more crimes per capita. Based on your fair criticism, I will update my text.

      • To be even more exact, 1 in 11 blacks are incarcerated compared to that of 1 in 45 whites. 40% of the prison population is black and yet they only make up 13% of the total population. Old whitey just bringing the black man down, right? Why is it that a white man walking through a black neighborhood has such a higher chance of being harmed than a black man walking through a white neighborhood? Hmmm. Blacks are more prone to violent behavior. Facts are facts. That explains why there are so many of them in jail. Stats are stats. Get over yourself.

      • Actually if you look at DOJ statistics, ‘violent crimes’ are committed more by whites than blacks. Blacks usually are incarcerated for drug offenses, and not violent offense due to the ‘war on drugs’. Also, the statistics show another disparity, because the arrest records which support that whites are arrested for particular crimes more than blacks, the conviction rate shows that black are convicted more than whites, with harsher sentences. This all will effect your calculating.
        You also should go test your theory before you assume that the white man dropped in a black neighborhood would be harmed. To the contrary, being a black women who has grown up in predominantly white neighborhoods and schools, have seen more drugs being done, crimes committed, and violent acts and thoughts than should be normal. You are obviously blinded to the truth…Which is expected, as you are a product of a country who justified hundreds of years of enslavement, rape, conquest, and murder, and need to write an amendment stating the obvious, that all men are free and should be created equally. It is so bizarre, the difficulty most whites have in recognizing basic human rights desires, and the idea of right and wrong. Besides, white is right, and blacks only get what they ask for. People have to be willing to change their thinking, take off their color blinders, so they can first “see” the problems that need to be fixed.

      • Jeff, get a clue. You are right in saying stats are stats. Obviously you are clueless about how to interpet them.

    • Never be ashamed of being black. Black people are segregated in large urban cities and usually live in poor conditions. Now this does not make it right to committ crime, however it does make sense. what is the government doing to help the situation.

      • Black people are segregated in large urban cities and live in poor conditions? You make it sound like they are being held against their will. And I can guess without writing it just who you think has forced black people to live in those urban areas. With all the living and educational assistance programs out there, including those that are only for black people you seem to still come up with an excuse why so many are incarcerated. So really it’s not their fault that they form so many different gangs, poison their own people with drugs, shoot up their own neighborhoods, and ultimatly destroy the very cities that they claim undying allegance to. I’ll give you one example. There is a town called Plainfield in the state of N.J. This used to be known as The Queen City. The place was beautiful. Spectacular buildings and architecture. Then in 1967, the riots happened. Black population grew scince then and as a result the city is a haven for gang and drug activity till this day. To me it all comes down to choices and I don’t think it fair that the government should have to save people that make bad ones.

      • Are you kidding me? What is the government doing to help? I don’t know, urban renewal programs, welfare, government housing, free medical care, student financial aid, subsidized school lunch programs, food stamps. I could go on. How about you pick up your bootstraps and help yourself. There’s a unique concept!

  3. 1-3 black pregnancy’s end in abortion. Of the other 2, 75% are born to uneducated, unwed, teenage mothers. 1-3 black men between the ages of 18-28 are in jail, on probation, or, on parole. Is this the dream Dr. Martin Luther King was talking about? He would be ashamed.

    They get what they deserve and no one should feel sorry for a group of people who by statistics ,resemble animals more then humans. They do more harm to themselves then “whitey” could have ever hope to accomplish. Just wait until the mexican’s are in charge….. they don’t even see it coming.

  4. The problem is a white problem. Yes, black people in the western world exists in a world full of paranoid white people who pretends that they are not racists but live in a vacuum of denial where everything is allocated on a quota and appearance basis. It is not unusual to find employers who employ one or two black people so that it can be seen to be abiding by affirmation action when in fact the industries are not as color-blind as the image of a society that is marketed for all to consume. They do not overtly practise racism anymore where “for whites only” signs are proudly displayed but subtly leave a master and slave mentality so that the white race are the ones who promote and demote others in America’s societies.

    Prejudice still exists in the white society and will always as the black people are contained and managed. If it was possible to bring into fruition the Martin Luther King’s vision of an equal America, it will mean the removal of power from the white race in terms of employability, economy and negative stereotypes from white media (e.g. Mammy films where blacks are subordinated as servants and in servitude to their white Masters – after slavery was abolished).

    Even though many whites are in denial of the devastation they have caused and their contribution to the social standing and esteems of many people of other races but especially the black race, in terms of attempts to remove their identities, confidents and ability to survive. All these were done in the process of brainwashing and imposing a false superiority and are still being done today. A recent example of this was subconscious manipulation in the film – Glory – with Denzel Washington – a propaganda film to glorify the white man and esteem it in his many endeavors. I cannot forget part of the film where the character played by Denzel Washington was whipped on the back with horrid bruises because he disagreed with a captain – I wondered if the captains had ever whipped any non-white soldier. Also when a captain shot black men who were suppose to be on his side after he commanded them to attack some white people – a display of hatred and power.

    The media uses the representation card to indicate that most of their audiences are white but can you imagine what plays in the young white prince or princess mind when given the appropriate programming of powerful and honest cowboys and disposable indians. Most of their programming serves a purpose.

    A lot of black men in America feel powerless and they need a lot of work done to build their confidence and self consciousness in terms of the reality of generational abuse by the status quo. Not long ago, it was acceptable in the white community to lynch and kill them at will without any retribution from the law. This is not an excuse for bad behavior but criminal minds and behaviors are derived from people who have little esteem and feel that they haven’t got much to lose.

    The schools should also rewrite books and curriculum to tell the young black man and woman about true history as to what has happened and not label those who have oppressed and stolen as winners as it creates a mentality of a system and status quo of people who are arrogant and not apologetic for the horrid history which their forefathers are responsible for.

    Yes, people who work in the justice system and law enforcement comes from the same “white people” who denied black people the rights to own guns like their white counterparts as a way to maintain that status quo of “masters” and to prevent black people from protecting themselves and take out retributions on those who attacked them. Yes, law enforcement was used to destroy and kill Black Panther members and those in the black race who vocalized their interest in the black cause were monitored and silenced by notable “white” institutions. You are telling me that all their hatred has gone away. Black people in those days received harsh penalties for any offense committed when compared to their white counterparts and that hasn’t changed mush either.

    Yes, many whites still and will always see black people as animals even though the atrocities they have caused the world over does not compare to any committed by any other race. They often justify themselves and esteem themselves. The crime rate in Africa where black men do not share the same history as their African-american brothers are less, even though many do not have so much resources available. I wonder if Bayerman’s family kept slaves where the black men were seen as entities who were used to produce more slaves so his lazy and nasty family could enjoy the prestige of being a “white” noble slave owner.

    The solution is one of identity and pride and a necessary separation. As long as white people remain paranoid about social retribution and try to maintain a system which benefits them and their children then the inequality will always exist and give rise to an over-confident group and a subdued group of people. Just like blind justice indicate that all are equal in the eyes of the law – what a white man’s lie. The law benefits the rich much more than the poor as they can pay for the best lawyer. It benefits whites much more than blacks. Prejudices are passed on everyday in the form of – hairstyles, accents, clothing, skin color and social standing to keep everyone in a group. The media accentuates this and sometimes subconsciously programs reactions.

    • Golly JBO, where to begin?!…
      Probably the greatest hurdle to blacks overcoming their position of ‘inequality’ is the black, and white, political power structure that derives power from the continued discontent and oppression of black people. The plantation has been replaced by the housing project. The Master’s whip has been replaced by the welfare system. The slave economy of the antebellum South was not nearly as destructive to black families as the the welfare system has been. Slave owners had an economic incentive to maintain family unity to reduce runaway slaves. When 72% of black children are born to unwed mothers and young black males bear no cost or involvement in raising their offspring, the welfare system becomes the surrogate provider. The black community can rise no higher than the current rate of welfare subsistence. A black community not dependent upon the welfare check or the likes of Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton won’t keep voting for them. The myth of the White Boogeyman keeping the black man down perpetuates the victim mentality that shackles the black community. Remember Jessie wanting cut Obama’s nuts off because he felt Barack was ‘talking down to the black community’ about faith-based efforts to improve conditions in the black family. Anything that doesn’t involve greater dependence upon the government and its proxies in the black political class is not allowed. A ‘successful’ black middle class family doesn’t need Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, or the federal government and won’t continue to vote blindly for the very people who want/need to keep them on the federal plantation. Political power is the goal and a dependent black class is the means.
      Blacks and black communities do not benefit from government programs. Read the works of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams on the effect of affirmitive action programs on the black community. When 13% of the population have 38% of the abortions, something is not working, When localized black abortion rates are 5-6 times the percentage of the population, something is not working.
      If the KKK were behind this, there would be riots in the streets, but since it is done under the welfare banner, it must be OK…

      Conclusion/Solution???… Tough love has to be part of the solution. Black boys and girls have to be held to a higher standard than the gangsta trash talk of sex drugs, and violence. Slaves in the South risked mutilation and death to learn how to read and write. We’ve got two generations of blacks who shun the very keys of education and hard work in favor of the approval of pimps, drug dealers, and gang leaders.

    • Pleeeeeeze! Poor thing~ Everyone picks on the poor little black American. BULLCRAP! I know more than enough blacks that have succeeded and gotten past the point that you’re apparently stuck on. They have PhD.’s from very good schools and you don’t hear them whining about oppression. They’re the ones you taunted in school for being too white. Yeah, remember them? Now they’re living in nice neighborhoods free of violence and gangs. Why? Because they earned it. Unlike you they didn’t complain and look for something to be GIVEN to them.They didn’t blame society for their own short comings.

      Stop whining and go get well educated. Stop spewing this crap that will alienate yourself from the society that’s waiting with endless opportunities. Even in a bad economy there are endless opportunities especially for minorities.

  5. i have discover that most white people are not mean but are just mistaken. it is a difficult thing to stand on the outside of another house and understand what really happening inside the house. from white perspective they can’t understand all of the additional road block because they are not person of color but if you are white and you really seek the truth read the book black like me.it is the story of white man who disguise as a black man and live that way and discover everything change.i am during ok even with the additional road block but i know it i had my same set of skills and was born white in america i would made it to where i am a little sooner

  6. PW has asserted some important points to consider in regards to this mass incarceration phenomenon. The rates indicate social, political, and economical disparity in the population and it might be worth noting that relations of power in a capitalist system are going to have manifestations of gender, class, and race inequalities and oppression.

    Attributing criminality to being black, or any color for that matter, is not only ignorant but perpetuating the very issue that is being discussed here…which is the systemic racism that exist in society. Studies have indicated that there is no difference in the rates of drug use between whites and blacks for example…however, there are more blacks in prison for drug offenses. Let’s take a look at the laws or the historical progression of certain campaigns which has led to this issue. Perhaps that will initiate a more intellectual discussion than Jeff is capable of.

    • The fact of the matter is that white drug users ARE in prison. There are simply fewer per capita. It doesn’t mean that you have to go out on the street corner trying to get rich quick selling drugs and then blame the law for locking you up. Nothing comes easy. You have to earn money if you want to keep it and stay out of prison.

      It seems that every black response is “racism gets blacks locked up” Guess what? If you don’t commit a crime you can’t get locked up. Don’t tell me you know people that were set up. You have to be in a very bad circumstance to be set up to begin with. It would seem to me that if I knew the police wanted to lock me up I’d be squeaky clean.

      The only people that can change how black Americans are perceived are black Americans. I don’t think quoting statistics on racism is going to get you very far towards that goal.

      • Wrong, there are more White drug users than Blacks and you can believe that most of them are not in prison, and and there are many Blacks and Latins in prison that are innocent of any crime. Just ask Robert Melendez who spent 17 years on Florida’s death row for a murder he did not commit, while the defending attorney and prosecutor actually had a confession on tape by the real killer. There are many other cases and many Blacks and Latins that have been released after their life was essentially stolen from them for crimes they did not commit. Many instances where evidence was planted or just plain fabricated. So, you see, being as you say, “squeaky clean” won’t help if the police really want to lock you up unless you have a lot of money to afford a great attorney.

        Be grateful you are one that has escaped that fate, but don’t for a second believe that it can’t happen to you.

        Yes, Blacks and Latins do commit crimes, but Whites commit more crimes than all other minorities combined, yet they are incarcerated at an astoundingly lower percentage.

        Dis you ever ask yourself how so many drugs got into our communities. Most of the people you are talking about don’t own ships, planes, or plants to process these drugs on a grand scale without law enforcement, border enforcement, and government cooperation. You might want to look into that.

    • CP- you must be in graduate school. how do i know? your liberal trinitarian theology of race/gender/class only goes to show you care only about the non-character issues of personal responsibility, morality, and accountability. making the race/gender/class argument makes you no better than the slave owners who lied to themselves and believed that black people have no souls and must therefore not be held morally responsible for their own behavior. to infantalize an entire population based on such sweeping, non-specific arguments of race/gender/class dehumanizes PEOPLE who do have the avility to choose – and the ones in prison chose poorly. its called free will and can only be exercised by HUMAN BEINGS with moral choice and has nothing to do with race/gender/class.

  7. Jeff, your ignorance is astonishing. Brushing the surface with these “programs” is not going to solve the problem. The black people as a whole are disenfrachised, marginalized and treated to believe they are worth less. They grow up in an environment where violence is the only way to survive. They have no self-esteem. They BELIEVE, from the get go, from the moment they are born, that the white man is better than them. And you, my friend, are one of the prime instigators of this. Your ignorant statements of black men are more violent just because they are black men is exactly why this problem is still going on till this day.
    Even as a white person, I feel and understand the plight that the black people feel. They are marginalized on a constant basis and on a very general level. Everything we see or hear is in some way influenced by the media and the large, multi-national corporations and banking systems that have an interest in creating a marginalized world. A good example of this is the “War on Drugs” which till this day remains fairly unknown in the white community. The war on drugs was a system devised by Wall Street that produced and sold drugs straight to the streets of Black America. It is a pattern created by rich whites to enslave the poor black communities for the sole purpose of profit. Many black gangs you hear about today (the “bloods” and the “Crips”) are direct consequences of this atrocious “war” that has killed tens of thousands and incarcerated many more for simple drug use. More than ONE MILLION people today are incarcerated due to non-violent drug use.
    In a capitalistic society, it is only normal that the rich, ruling class will take advantage of marginalized minorities to achieve what they want: profit.
    The justice system and the government are directly influenced by this rich, ruling class and thus they have an interest in keeping these minority populations disenfranchised and marginalized. The problem of Black America is not only a black problem. It is a problem that involves the whole of the American peoples. It is one of many problems that will not be resolved unless the PEOPLE take action and do what needs to be done to stop these disgusting Supranational companies from disassociating us from a TRUE democracy, a TRUE freedom.

    • You are so full of crap! You obviously don’t know a damn thing about the war on drugs. Do you really think Wall st. invests in drug cartels? Thats what you’re implying. No one can marginalize someone else. That’s something that’s done on the inside. The War on Drugs is well known to the white population. You’re simply ignorant to real facts. You’ve got a newspaper education about the war on drugs. I know thousands of white young people that have had serious legal problems due to THEIR poor judgement and addiction. The war on drugs didn’t make them pick up any illegal substance. Especially not anyone on Wall St.

      It’s Multinational, not Super-national corporations. And they don’t stop people from going to the voting booth where everyone is equal. Our politicians are the result of voter apathy, not corporate influence. People just don’t vote so large corporations inherit the power of those non-voters.

      Your argument is completely illogical. No corporation makes a young black man go out and rob a bank. They don’t make them shoot their neighbors over drug transactions. No one makes a black man stab another over a woman. Get real!

    • And oh, by the way, the “War on Drugs” really has been a “War on Communities of Color”, and yes, there are some on Wall Street that invest heavily in drugs. Are you familiar with the pharmacutical industry? Do you watch the commercials advertising drugs? They are hard to miss, and where do you think all the money from this billions of dollars industry is laundered?

      And about the voting booth, are you familiar with disenfrachisement and voter suppression?

      And about corporations being in the business of prisons, what about Smith Barney, American Express, Compac, AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Westinghouse, the Defense Department,General Electric and quite a few others. Do they sound familiar? Compac laid off a whole town in Texas and gave the contract to a prison who had the prisoners make the product for 17 cents an hour. What do you think may become of the people who were laid off with no other jobs available to support themselves and their families even though the company was making huge profits? Prisons are the new plantations.

      Prisons now serve a two-fold purpose, profit and social control. Nationally Violence occurs in less than 14% of all reported crime, and injuries occur in just 3%. As stated by Eve Goldberg and Linda Evans,” Like communism during the cold war the fear of crime is a great selling tool for a dubious product.”

  8. I grew up during the tubulent times of the 60’s, when race riots broke out across the nation. I rememnber my parents were afraid that a horde of angry blacks might visit our neighbothood. My father got a gun, just in case. The neighborhood started, oh so slowly, to change color. We had the money, we moved out. As a young man, I got a job in the steel mill in East Chicago. For the first time in my life, I was exposed to large numbers of blacks who worked there. I remember that they were for the most part like the white guys. Some good, some bad, most indifferent. There were a few of the white guys who use to live lived in Gary (Hyde Park), before that neighborhood change. They told me that when the blacks move in, crime went up. The schools became unsafe for their kids. Blacks were getting some power back then in the sixties with the civil rights movement. They were exercising that power to “get even with whitey”. The whites moved out. Gary became a hell hole. Hundreds of millions of dollars in tax payer money went into the city. God knows how much of it went into the politicians pockets.
    Gary still remains a hell hole.
    There may be exceptions, but it appears that in the places the blacks gain a majority and get political power, the area turns to s**t. Gary, Detroit, East Saint Louis, etc. This unfortunate phenomena is not isolated to the USA. South Africa is going down the drain, in spit of its massive mineral wealth. The country of Niger is rich in oil. This country should be one of the most prosperous in Africa, but it is another hell hole. Former European colonies of the Congo, Centrla Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). The list goes on.
    This will only get worse as the economy continues to deteriorate. No wonder the government is doing all it can to prop the economy up.
    What will happen if (more like when) the governmnet is force to reduce spending? When the flow of government money into the inner city ghettos starts to dry up?
    Don’t think it will happen?
    I’m sure they thought the same thing in Greece a few years ago.
    Is it cause? Is it effect? Is it cultural? Biological? Economics? Is it Racism? Is it the White Man? The Curse of Canaan?
    I really don’t know, and at this stage of the game, don’t really care.
    I tense up when a see a group of black kids in hoodies at the shopping mall. I avoid their neighborhoods. I tread lightly when in their presence, for fear that a mispoken word, or look, or gesture, may have them chimping out on me.
    And like my farther before me, I now own a gun.

    • I think there should be an IQ test given for gun ownership. Look in the mirror. You are the chimp in this scenario.
      I am a person of color that was not raised on welfare, nor did I raise my children on welfare, nor are any of my grandchildren on welfare. As a matter of statiscal fact, more whites receive welfare than any other minority.

      So when that so called flow you speak of stops, the person you will probably shoot, will be white, since once again, another statistical fact, the majority of crimes, especially violent crimes committed against whites, are by other whites.

      If you want to check those statistics, try the DOJ website, and if you don’t trust that try a book by some white sociologists, Social Psychology:Sociological Perspectives, Second Edition, by David E. Rohall, Melissa A. Milkie, and Jeffrey W. Lucas.

      Another historical fact, all of the countries you listed, were colonized by racists whites and like the United States have to overcome institutionalized racism.

      I could go on, but somehow you seem very comfortable in that bubble you live in. I hope you have a cushion for when it bursts. Good luck.

    • OMG…”chimping out”???!!! Really?!?!? What a racist scumbag you are. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  9. I agree with Jeff, it’s been what 149 years almost 150 since Lincoln has freed the slaves. How long does it take to get your act together

  10. With an average I.Q. of about 85, how can blacks compete in an increasingly sophisticated technological society?

  11. If you think the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves ending over 200 years of subjugation, brutality and dehumanization towards Africans (forced into the American way of life) brought here in shackles and considered three fifths of a person think again. Society continues to perpetuate racism as evidenced by the small minded comments I have seen on this thread today. Discrimination is still very much alive what on earth makes you think its gone? It would be to your benefit to take a course in cultural diversity and find out how brutal individuals in the majority have been not only to Africans but to every single minority group represented in the history of the United States. Why do blacks live in subsidized housing in urban areas on food stamps?? The same reason the Native Americans were nearly eradicated and chased off “their” land by the pilgrims and the diseases they carried from Europe.

    Check your history, minorities are economically and environmentally controlled by those in the racial majority who continue to regard them as inferior people who don’t belong in “their” neighborhoods. Redlining by the banking industry prevents them from obtaining loans for affordable homes on the quiet tree lined streets where you live. Inadequate property tax revenue brought on by the lack of home ownership prevents their children from being educated in the newly constructed, technologically superior schools with computer labs, music programs and extra curricular activities that you and your children enjoy in the suburbs (google “White Flight”).

    Prejudicial view points, inadequate job training programs and a failed academic and economical system sabotage their ability to obtain gainful employment. Please research the annual earning capacity between minorities and non minorities with equal education and experience. I can tell that you have no idea what you are talking about with regards to equality. These elaborate programs that you think are made available exclusively to minorities only exist on paper they do not exist in reality. Please note, minorities still compete for college entrance, scholarships and employment just like everyone else there are no special privileges. Any advantages given to them in years gone by were well deserved and long overdue since the playing field has never been level. How dare you exist in the societal majority group enjoying the privileges that come with the color of your skin while complaining about the plight of minorities??? And please don’t tell me some of your best friends are black!

    The Anti Drug Abuse Act of 1986 established drastically different penalties for crack vs. powder cocaine possession. Under the old law, a black person in the possession of 5 grams of crack which is roughly the size of two sugar packets was subjected to a minimum 5 year sentence. A white man had to possess 500 grams of powder to receive the same sentence, 100 times more of the exact same drug ! That is the reason why black men are 6 times more likely to be incarcerated than whites its called disparity in sentencing it has been in place for over two decades. Currently, 48.2% of people incarcerated are in for drug offenses, 15.9 % for weapons and 12% for immigration these are all non violent offenses. So please spare me the big bad violent black man theory most of them are locked up for drugs that the white man dropped off them came back to get. Oh and by the way a real white man would be just fine in the hood a coward would have problems.

    Figure it out, those convicted on felony drug charges typically do not pick up marketable skills while incarcerated, upon release they are not allowed to obtain assistance with housing, they are ineligible for food stamps, and have an extreme difficult time finding a full time job which leads to recidivism.

    There are economically disadvantaged individuals and criminals in EVERY ethnic group. The majority of people on welfare in this country are white. There will be major changes in the population of the United States over the next few decades. The current racial majority will be a minority I hope I live long enough to see it. http://www.census.gov/population/www/projections/analytical-document09.pdf

    • So we need programs and the government to secede? How can a poor Indian with only determination move past squalor and poverty to get a PhD and move to the United States. But we can’t find a way out of the ghetto? It’s easier to blame others than to look what the real problem is ourselves. The only people against us are big business, and the government.

      • 15.9% incarcerated for weapons violations is not a violent crime? Give me a break. White people should be judging blacks by the content of their character not their color of their skin. Unfortunately, if we do, the ugly truth is that they behave badly. I suppose I have to insert a disclaimer here that all blacks are not criminals. I shouldn’t have to explain that these are generalities. But, the Black culture needs to clean up it’s act. Any culture based on crime is going to be discriminated against. And rightfully so, blacks are incarcerated relative to the frequency of their criminal activity.
        When the population shifts to a white minority, the gravy train goes away for minorities. You can see it coming already. Give me one example of a prosperous, peaceful, and free nation governed by blacks. Slavery sucked out loud, but victimhood is just as degrading and humiliating. Quit bitching, educate yourselves, get a work ethic, act like civilized people, and thank your stars that you live in this country. I don’t see a lot of blacks watering at the mouth to get back to mother Africa for the ‘good life’. Apparently there aren’t enough parasitic opportunities there.

      • Really? Most poor Indians are still in India living in squalor. The ones that come here may be many things, but poor isn’t one of them.

    • When the population shifts to a white minority, the gravy train goes away for minorities. You can see it coming already. Give me one example of a prosperous, peaceful, and free nation governed by blacks. Slavery sucked out loud, but victimhood is just as degrading and humiliating. Quit bitching, educate yourselves, get a work ethic, act like civilized people, and thank your stars that you live in this country. I don’t see a lot of blacks watering at the mouth to get back to mother Africa for the ‘good life’. Apparently there aren’t enough parasitic opportunities there.

  12. You need to remember that every inmate costs $175 per day to the system not to count public defenders, judges, district attorneys, etc.

    White people are feeling the “white guilt” after being called racists over and over. The best example is the Zimmerman case. Why the Black Panthers never got arrested for their death threats and hate speeches on white people?

    The truth is that black community won’t help us get out of the recession but only drag the society down the toilet:

  13. I find it funny how some of u really believe that white people have no blood on their hands… Lets take a look at history shall we. First I would start by saying such public aid programs are more crippling than helpful, they teach poor people to be dependent. Why are most of the poor people in America of minority descent? Simple. When America was originally conquered by white people (yes conquered), land was given to the settling pilgrims. These families became the rich families as wealth was determined by land ownership at that time. From generation to generation that wealth was passed down, ultimately meaning that minorities (who were largely responsible for building the country as slaves) did not get a chance to secure a piece of the initial wealth. Further white people have a history of violence, hatred, and manipulation. They stole this land from the native Americans under the notion of “manifest destiny” which by any other interpretation would have been considered genocide. To this day history is told in this manner, and minority contributions to the beginnings of this country and not highly spoken of. White youths are taught to take pride in their forefathers of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and their pioneering spirit. Blacks are taught to idolize martin luther king, a man who was ultimately assassinated. It is documented history that the CIA raided the black panther party, a political group of african americans who sought to educate the black masses and change the evil culture that has been indoctrinated into the black population, now why on earth would the CIA do that? You say blacks are violent animals, i would challenge that by saying that whites are violent animals. Look at your crimes that you are perpetuating not in america but across the globe. American soldiers are terrorizing other countries for the sake of corporate interests, and white people steadily insist on more and more war – currently debating on whether or not we ought to help Israel in dealing with Iran (who is backed by China). The war on minorities in America is much more subtle and psychological. Minorities are often casted in a different light in the eyes of the media, take the colorado shooting for example. If it were a black man who had done the shooting he’d of been labeled a thug, or an animal, or a criminal as some of you small minded individuals have already admitted to blacks being (further illustrating the hate that has been indoctrinated into the white population). But because this man was white, not only was he allowed to surrender but the media labels him as potentially mentally challenged (and this man was studying for his Pd.D in neuroscience, HAH!). Where would Africa be without white influence? You will never know because white people have been intruding into africa since the slave trade, it is widely known that libya was on its way to becoming a very affluent african nation — their leader was assassinated. What the american people were told is that he was an evil man killing his own citizens, the reality is the CIA organized militant groups within his nation and his protection warded off several people attempting to take his life — would secret service not do the same if anyone came after our president? Why do white people have a culture of intrusion and death? Globally white people are the minority and are more feared than respected because of their violent tactics. From history white people have perpetuated lies and used those lies as their own justification for everything, even so far as claiming to be a christian nation while killing (lynching) slaves. Once slaves were freed did white people instantly fork over jobs and say “hey there nigger, we’ve never liked you, but now that you’re free lets call everything even – here’s some land, an education and a job” — hell no! We were immediately segregated under the notion of “separate but equal” which was equal only in the eyes of white people. It is utterly surprising that white people truly believe that generations and generations of hate have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Those same segregated communities exist to this day, with the poor minorities of the inner city receiving a lesser education (often by new teachers fresh out of college temporarily placed there in order to receive kickbacks on their student loans). White people taught black people to hate each other before the emancipation proclamation, someone referenced the willie lynch speech previously (which itself may have been a recently created document) and those traces of hate still exist to this day. White people have no idea of what goes on in the black community. White people glorify the use of sex and violence all through television and popular film, black people glorify violence in music, lets not act holier than thou through our forms of entertainment. America is a white man’s country, violence, deceit, and a plea of innocence has been the tool of the white man all through the course of history and i don’t see how or why that would suddenly change. If white people were to leave blacks and the rest of the world alone the entire world would be a better place. Their atrocities are illustrated through statistics which do not carry over to other countries. America incarcerates more citizens per capita than any other nation in the world. America has bred this problem, this trend does not carry over across other nations and you’re a fool or terribly uninformed if you believe otherwise

  14. History. What has 6000 years of recorded human history shown us. Lets we forget, that the great civilizations of in Africa (Egyptians, Ethiopia, etc.), Middle East (Babylonians, Assyrians, etc.), India and China started cast systems and slavery long before the Europeans and definitely long before any colonized this continent.

    Following the seeds of bondage, unrighteousness and power sown by these ancient human civilizations, newer civilizations have now placed their children into injustice. Look not to history to differentiate our behavior based on race, it has clearly shown that all races turn their brothers and sisters into bondage as quickly as possible. Look not for retribution, venagance or retailiation since you will only be looking into a mirror image of yourself.

    America has the same sins as the cornucopia of the other civilizations that grew before it. Every so often we hear “This is 21st century aren’t we better than this?” and rest assured that this has been said in every century before us and will be said in every century to come.

    If humans need to look for a scape goat, we need to look first at ourselves and obey laws that seem empowered with God’s spirit which can overcome the sins of humanity. Addressing these lies with each of us looking inward and not outward, which implies no critique of others since the responsibility is with ourselves.

  15. Jeff, and any other racist, smart-ass, racist ****, I’d like to ask two things:
    One, aren’t we all the same on the inside?
    Two, isn’t it usually Caucasians and Middle-Eastern Leaders the one starting wars and conflicts world-wide?
    You brought pestilence to the Native Americans and Spanish Natives, enslaved Africans, and eventually bombed the Asians (Japanese).
    And yet, African Americans are the most violent.
    It is the racist scum like you that sickens me. It saddens me how this ignorance has spread worldwide.
    And I am of African American and Japanese Descent.
    I hope you monsters are happy bringing mankind deception and distress.
    By the way, when you die, after a long period of time without embalming liquids, what color are you then?


  16. Hey Sakore, you left out that ‘minor incident’ of ‘Pearl Harbor’ when you mentioned someone bombing the Asians (Japanese). Your post is utter nonsense by the way. You are part of the worldwide ignorance problem. You spread it when you post the kind of garbage you posted.

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