Black Churches In Mobile Teach Parenting Skills to Inner City Parents

Here is some good news.

Churches in Mobile, AL have joined together to develop and conduct a program on black parenting skills. provides details of their efforts:

“Families need help right now. We’re in a crisis”, says Mobile County Juvenile Court Judge Edmond Naman. In a meeting recently with the WKRG News 5 Crime Solutions Task Force, Judge Naman said the county is exploring new ways of reaching out to families before kids get into trouble.

But, local pastors have already implemented a curriculum the judge is very impressed with, Effective Black Parenting. It is a 15 week skill building program that teaches adults how to better communicate with African American Children.

“it’s a culture difference..where in a caucasian family it’s usually time out. But, in an African American family, it’s I’m fixing to get this belt.. and tear you behind up”, says Sherman Tate, a graduate of the Effective Black Parenting program.

The entire article and accompanying video deserve a look, especially from those of you who are looking for ideas to positively impact your communities.

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